Hold the top human rights violators in your area personally accountable. There are many, many ways, including asking lots of questions about their involvement in mass human rights violations, giving money to their political opponents who uphold human rights, ceasing patronizing their businesses or their supporters' businesses, deny them assistance, and so forth. Use your creativity. And never forget all our people who have suffered and died - men, women, and children whose only "crime" was being born different. We owe it to each and every one of them to ensure the top human rights violators are held accountable.

There are over 9,000 top human rights violators in the USA, and tens of millions of Americans experiencing human rights violations every single minute of every single day. Our people have met our obligations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to first attempt diplomacy. Diplomacy over the last 50+ years since Stonewall has failed to end these mass human rights violations. These top violators actually fought for the idea that you only have to outnumber people to violate the human rights of others so there is a large degree of poetic justice that they should experience their wish regarding their own.

STEP 1: State Groups
STEP 2: Topic Groups
STEP 3: Help Out Community Groups
STEP 4: Understand Democracy and Human Rights
STEP 5: Assess Participation