Modern Military Association of America
    1725 I Street NW, Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006
    phone: 202-328-3244 or 202-328-FAIR

    AVER - American Veterans for Equal Rights
    PO Box 97
    Plainville, IL 62365-0097
    see contacts on website

    SAGALA - Service Academy Gay And Lesbian Alumni

    USNA Out - GLBT U.S. Naval Academy Alumni and Supporters
    PO Box 14484
    San Francisco, CA 94114-0484

    Blue Alliance - LGBT U.S. Air Force Academy Alumni and Supporters
    PO Box 14611
    San Francisco, CA 94114

    Knights Out - GLBT U.S. Military Academy Alumni and Supporters
    523 Park Place
    Newton, KS 67114
    phone: 714-654-0828
    see email form on website

    Servicemembers United

    American Military Partner Association

    Military Partners and Families Coalition

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